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Old Ideas

Please note: This link contains nudity and you need to be 18yrs of age or older in order to view the below link. Although this image is equal only to rated R it still contains nudity and may not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. This image may not be work safe. By clicking the link you are aware of its content and acknowledge that you are 18yrs of age or older.

Having had a friend mention to me not to long ago about my work reminding them of Avatar, I took a look at some of my older work from back in 2006 for skymonkeygirls.com and thought it had never really got that much exposure and I know there are alot of nice pics that no one really got a chance to experience. So I decided to put a single test image up for people to check out and give feedback on. Likes, dislikes, etc. or just general feedback. So if you want to let me know what you think about the image feel free to email me at: david@skymonkeyfilms.com

Great Minds Think Alike when it comes to Blue

Blue Alien Girl concept for Skymonkeygirls.com ended up to be a pretty good idea because in 2009 James Cameron's Avatar also ended up creating a very similar idea for some lead characters. I just thought it was a pretty cool thing that we both like blue for aliens and had similar ideas. So sometimes great minds think alike, at least when it comes to blue aliens. The images from Avatar are screen grabs from the trailer showing on youtube.com and are not the property of Skymonkey Films and belong to 20th Century Fox.


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Now Available on the i-phone App store, ( Lie Detector ) i-phone app. The app is now available for download to entertain you and your friends. You will be able to control the outcome which is always a fun thing to do. This was a fun little project I helped some friends put together.



DR-206 Supply Ship


The above is a multi view of the supply ship DR-206 which delivers supplies once every 3 months to Dunah Research. In the above image the model is nearly complete.



The above image is one of the most recent environments created. This is the planet Dunah-37, a planet similar to Earth which was discovered more then 50 years ago by a remote deep space telescope. Only one visit was attempted which resulted in the loss of the entire research team. A half century later we are able to see the abandoned rusted out Earth vehicles along with the huge alien ships in the distance.








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